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The $79 game changer costs less than your groceries

DO YOU ever cook, clean the house, listen to music, turn on lights, watch TV, order food, check the weather, make phone calls, enjoy audiobooks or create shopping lists? Yes? Good, you’re not a 34-year-old man-child living at home and being babied by his parents. And you could make your …

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Epic cinema prank fail goes viral

HILARIOUS footage of two mates attempting to sneak into a cinema as one person has gone viral. The brazen pair attempt to disguise themselves with a massive raincoat and fedora hat in a bid at nabbing one ticket of a Black Panther screening. Preparing for their prank one of the …

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Elon Musk’s dream ideas

From superfast trains to colonising Mars – a selection of Elon Musk’s extraordinary ideas All aboard: Elon Musk at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, speaking about his plans to colonise Mars. Photograph: Stringer/Reuters Colonising Mars Musk’s SpaceX enterprise was founded with the intention of making space travel affordable. …

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Apple’s big change to iPhones

APPLE may be plotting to kill off the home button for good. The iPhone maker informed developers Thursday that starting in April, all new apps submitted to the App Store must support the iPhone X’s ultra HD display. This means that moving forward, every developer must make sure its apps …

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