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It’s January. It’s snowing in Tassie

JUST two days after the state sweltered through blistering heat, snow has been falling on Tasmania’s higher peaks.

The Great Lake Hotel has posted photos of snow falling at the Central Highlands pub this morning and the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has reported snow above 900m.

Parts of the state suffered through temperatures as high as 40C just two days ago but the weather has turned suddenly.

The BoM has issued a bushwalkers alert saying snow as low as 900m is possible during this morning.

These hazardous conditions are expected to occur in parts of the Central Plateau forecast district, the warning says.

Sky News Weather’s Samantha Chiari said summer snow in Tasmania wasn’t rare. “Last November was the warmest on record for Tasmania and they had snow”.

Hobart can expect 17C today with showers clearing but it was just 8.4C at 5.30am with an apparent temperature of 5.3C. On Mt Wellington/kunanyi it was -0.9C at 7am with an apparent temperature of -12C. There was a dusting of snow on the mountain visible from the city.

Hobart reached a minimum of 23.9C on Sunday night, with the BoM revealing it was the warmest January night in 127 years of record keeping.

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