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30 Top Transportation & Logistics WordPress Themes 2018

It’s quite amazing to think how far WordPress has come over the years. It started out as a simple blogging platform for writers, but in the recent years has become the number one solution for any business, creative, or professional website. The possibilities of WordPress have become limitless, as tens …

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This is the world we live in now

BULLET BLOCKER are a Massachusetts-based company selling the fortified bags for up to $A640. They have seen a 30 per cent surge in sales since Wednesday’s massacre in Parkland, South Florida, according to TMZ. The company sold 500 of the backpacks on Thursday alone, owner Joe Curran told the news …

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Used VW Tiguan gives plenty of engine and drive choices

Volkswagen’s Tiguan was a medium SUV benchmark from day one. It made its debut in 2008 and by late 2016 a second generation arrived, leading many smitten owners of the original to upgrade — so there are plenty of examples in the used listings. The earliest examples can be had …

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